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Day 27 Double Circle

Have you ever fasted for something? Perhaps fasting during Lent is something you traditionally do each year. But fasting doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be reserved only for the Lenten season.

Mark Batterson encourages us, in Draw the Circle, “There are times when circling something in prayer isn’t enough. We need to double-circle it with prayer and fasting. Matthew 17:21 tells us that certain miracles only happen in response to prayer and fasting. And fasting will take us further into the presence of God than praying. We still need patience and endurance, but fasting has a way of fast-tracking our prayer life like a hyperbolic chamber that speeds healing or a hyperlink that gets us someplace with one click. Fasting is hyperprayer.”

There are lots of different types of fasts: a Daniel fast consisting of fruits and vegetables, a fast lasting from sunrise to sundown, a complete food fast done over a short period of time, or a media fast like TV or Facebook. Whatever type of fast we choose, we need to establish a timeframe and an objective. For example, we can fast for deliverance from the yoke of bondage, discernment in an important decision, God’s favor, dedication to God (a new year, new job, new business, or financial, relational, or emotional breakthrough), or simply to seek God’s heart.

Fasting provides willpower; a way to crave God more than you crave whatever you are fasting. Fasting breaks down our pride, our bondages, and our will. It helps break bad habits and build good habits. It is the way we break down our spiritual calluses and regain sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Batterson says, “I’m more and more convinced that the answer to every prayer is more of the Holy Spirit. Need more power? Then you need more of the Holy Spirit. Need more wisdom? Then you need more of the Holy Spirit. Need more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, or self-control? Then you need more of the Holy Spirit.

“We need to be filled with more of the Holy Spirit, but we have to empty ourselves first. And one of the best ways to empty ourselves is through fasting. If you double-circle things with prayer and fasting, don’t be surprised if you receive a double-blessing!

If you want to break the sin habit, you’ve got to establish a prayer habit. -Mark Batterson

Is there something you’ve been praying for that you need to start fasting for?

Prayerfully, Paige

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2 thoughts on “Day 27 Double Circle

  1. Kathy Hines on said:

    I am growing in appreciation and relieving disappointments. The double circling is a steady need.

  2. So great to hear Kathy! Blessings to you as you continue your prayer habit.

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