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Day 2 Established By God

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Today I was reminded of a prayer you may have often prayed as a kid or now hear prayed at your dinner table each night. You know the one – “God is great. God is good…” Do you find that your family, like mine, has gotten into such a routine of saying that prayer so often that you/we have forgotten how great and good our God really is? Past experiences have proven to me how great and good God is!

As Batterson states in his book, Draw the Circle, “The truth is that we already trust God for the big things; now we need to trust Him for the little things, like healing our cancer, getting us out of debt, helping us conceive, or helping us find a soul mate. I’m certainly not suggesting that any of these situations are small. The are giant mountains to us. But prayer can turn them into molehills!

“God wants us to get where God wants us to go more than we want to get where God wants us to go. And He is awfully good at getting us there. Our job is to hear his voice. His job is to establish our steps. And if we do our job, God will do His!”

God is great not because nothing is too big for him; God is also great because nothing is too small. -Mark Batterson

I pray you will take everything to him in prayer, hear Him during this time, and grow to recognize His voice more easily (And may we all have more passion in prayer at the dinner table!)

Prayerfully, Paige

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