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Day 5 Write it Down

I consider myself to be what I would call a “seasonal journaler.” That would be someone with stacks of journals half written in because I like to write during certain seasons of life (and always start with a new journal at the beginning of each season…). I am, however, much more consistent with my prayer journal as I love writing “answered” next to the prayers God answers.

Mark Batterson states in his book, Praying Circles Around Your Children, “It’s important to know that we can make a list of prayers in our prayer journal but the goal is not to lay out a laundry list before God. In fact, prayer is not about our agenda for God at all; it’s about discovering God’s agenda for us. And keeping a record is key so that when prayer is answered God can get the glory.

Today’s devotion in Draw the Circle also expresses the importance of journaling. Here Batterson states, “Journaling is one of the most overlooked and undervalued spiritual disciplines. In my estimation, it’s on a par with praying, fasting and meditating. It’s the way we document what God is doing in our lives. In Habakkuk 2:2, The Lord states, ‘Write down the revelation.’ Why? Because we have a natural tendency to remember what we should forget and forget what we should remember. Journaling is the best antidote, maybe the only antidote, for spiritual amnesia.

“My prayer journal doubles as my prayer genealogy. I can trace many of the breakthroughs, blessings, and miracles back to their genesis prayers. As I look back through my journals, I’m able to connect the dots between my prayers and God’s answers. Connecting these dots inspires my faith like nothing else because it paints a picture of God’s faithfulness.”

The shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory. -Mark Batterson

I pray you are journaling your prayers. If not, begin where you are and let us know when they are answered so that we can rejoice with you!

Prayerfully, Paige


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