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Book Review

The Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill

This book is one you will read and want to pass forward to a friend (or if you’re like me, you will highlight almost every sentence and dog-ear almost every page of your book so you will want to buy a new copy for a friend)! And with Mother’s Day around the corner… ­čśë

Susan’s transparency, passion, and inspiration throughout the book have been helpful to me in my own parenting – to realize I’m not perfect, not alone, and am able to confidently parent in today’s world. She offers a practical,┬ábiblically┬ábased plan and sound advice for intentionally guiding children of all ages.┬áBased on 10 “Ps” of parenting, this book leaves you inspired to teach, protect, study, and prepare your children for the future.

For more information: http://www.susanme.com/passionatemom/#sthash.c5t3sXbW.dpuf

Get your copy today and let me know what you think!

Blessings, Paige


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